Sophie Ramsay

Since seeing Dianna I have learnt to stay focused and to really back myself. She has helped me through some tough emotional times, keeping me grounded and clear in my thoughts. She has great insight and is generous with her time and knowledge. The thing I love about Di is that she genuinely cares! She is also incredibly gifted. I have meet some beautiful people through knowing her and the TRE has become a great tool for me – when i remember to use it 😉
Sophie Ramsay – Flow Accounting

Dr Ali Walker

Just had my second integrative healing session with this angel. With some big upcoming changes. Dianna is showing me how to go out of my head and into my body using “Trauma Release Exercises”, massage and intuitive guidance. It’s like stepping into a new atmosphere! It’s so important to seek healing in our areas of challenge rather than hiding from them and burying them. So grateful.
Dr Ali Walker


When I first went to see Di, I knew there was a way for me to be a better person, a happier person and over the past 2 years Di has completely transformed my life. As I’ve told her many times she has been the biggest influence in my life.
Wellbeing by Blake

We engaged in Di’s services to improve the office vibe and morale.  After dealing with Di our work space is a lot more zen and the staff seem to be a lot happier and calmer.  Thank you Di for projecting your sense of calm here at Tailor Maid, the office is a much nicer space to work in because of you.
Tailor Maid Communications