TRE workshop with Advance with Health

Free TRE workshop series

Come and learn this simple yet powerful self-care practice that releases symptoms of stress, anxiety, tension and PTSD from the body.

Capturing Stories

Captured stories

I write because it has always been a passion of mine, my intention around sharing is to be able to help people feel more connected and alive, to inspire to live out one’s own truth in an honest and real manner. What sort of work should it become?

Video: The Story of Advance with Health

The story of Advance With Health

Let me introduce you to my new space in Double Bay, Sydney, where I work as an integrative therapist and massage therapist. My mission is to help empower people to move past areas in their life …

Keeping it Light

For all you coffee lovers out there who love the smell of a freshly brewed coffee in the morning, I have a story to share. Many years ago before I became a tea lover, I used to love my daily coffee!

Post: Reflections


You know that feeling when someone opens up their heart to you, when they tell you a story that shows their true essence and touches you deep within. There are many, many stories that come straight from the heart.

Motion is lotion: 10 tips for a healthy spine

When I was in my 20s, I worked a lot with chiropractors and osteopaths. During this period I learned just how vital it is to have a healthy spine.The spine has many functions, one of the most important being it protects the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots.

The Blossom Tree

The sight of a blossom tree stirs a wave of senses within me reminiscence of my childhood. We had one next to our property that I always noticed. The aroma of the blossom would fill my senses as a child. I would admire the tree, amazed by its textures…

The Circle & Community

  Having been born in New Zealand with its rich indigenous culture and traditional values, I have always been fascinated by history and other cultures. Here in Australia, I’m particularly interested in the fact that Aborigines have a special relationship

More Older Women Turn To IVF

Women in their 40s hoping to defy their biological clock are trying for test-tube babies in increasing numbers despite a one in 10 chance of success per treatment cycle. Births of test-tube babies are booming, spurred by Medicare changes after