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TRE workshop with Advance with Health

Free TRE workshop series

Come and learn this simple yet powerful self-care practice that releases symptoms of stress, anxiety, tension and PTSD from the body.

Capturing Stories

Captured stories

I write because it has always been a passion of mine, my intention around sharing is to be able to help people feel more connected and alive, to inspire to live out one’s own truth in an honest and real manner. What sort of work should it become?

Motion is lotion: 10 tips for a healthy spine

When I was in my 20s, I worked a lot with chiropractors and osteopaths. During this period I learned just how vital it is to have a healthy spine.The spine has many functions, one of the most important being it protects the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots.

Popeye The Sailor Man

Popeye eats all his spinach … and lives to fight another day. He scoffs a can full of the green stuff, his muscles bulge and he’s off and running. Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s a cartoon character, but poetic license

Sperm Not Up To The Job?

We know that sperm are very susceptible to damage! Taking up to four months to form, they’re adversely affected by a host of dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors.

The Deal With Pesticides

According to the literature, excessive pesticide consumption has been linked with serious health conditions such as infertility, birth defects and cancer. Pesticides are particularly toxic to pregnant women and young children. Therefore, awareness about pesticide residue on our fruit and

Watch Out For The Dangers Of Plastic Bottles

A chemical found in plastics used for everything from water bottles to dental fillings poses a serious health risk, environmentalists and researchers say, although the jury has yet to deliver a final verdict. Bisphenol A (BPA) is added to hard,

More Sex Means Healthier Sperm

And it’s healthier sperm we’re after. Revolution is a product that can help. FREQUENT sexual activity improves the genetic quality of sperm and may help some couples conceive, fertility specialists have found. A study of men revealed that genetic defects

Vitamin D – Let The Sun Shine In!

The past decade has seen enormous advancements with our understanding about Vitamin D and how it affects our health. Recent International proposals to increase the recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamin D recognise the important contribution of Vitamin D in