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The Blossom Tree

The sight of a blossom tree stirs a wave of senses within me reminiscence of my childhood. We had one next to our property that I always noticed. The aroma of the blossom would fill my senses as a child. I would admire the tree, amazed by its textures…

The Circle & Community

  Having been born in New Zealand with its rich indigenous culture and traditional values, I have always been fascinated by history and other cultures. Here in Australia, I’m particularly interested in the fact that Aborigines have a special relationship

The Shifting Earth

The Shifting Earth

The shifting earth summons the rising sun. The trees know her language well for they are deeply rooted beneath her skin.  Like the ocean’s consciousness is one with the world. We have forgotten that without the Earth’s divine guidance we have

Wakey Wakey!

On the shoreline lies the thoughts of yesterday. Drifting in and out until the waves of today wash over and all is cleansed. Allowing the mind to come to rest, in the ebb of today. Splish, splash the young boy

Watch Out For The Dangers Of Plastic Bottles

A chemical found in plastics used for everything from water bottles to dental fillings poses a serious health risk, environmentalists and researchers say, although the jury has yet to deliver a final verdict. Bisphenol A (BPA) is added to hard,

Petal Talk

I adore frangipanis – however, the flower I truly resonate with is the white rose. The spiral unfolding of white rose petals represents for me the lessons we encounter in life, each one revealing more of our essential nature. I’m