Popeye The Sailor Man

Popeye eats all his spinach … and lives to fight another day.

He scoffs a can full of the green stuff, his muscles bulge and he’s off and running.

Yeah, yeah, I know, he’s a cartoon character, but poetic license notwithstanding, I bet you’ve heard spinach touted as a super food – thanks to its high IRON content?

You have? We all have!

But guess what … it ain’t the iron that fortifies old Popeye.

It’s the nitrates!

Bacteria in the mouth convert the nitrates to nitric oxide and voila! Nitric oxide is a molecule which opens up blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. New research shows that nitrates make mitochondria less “leaky”. This has the effect of increasing their efficiency as biological machines. So says Prof Eddie Weitzberg from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, who’s findings are published today in the journal Cell Metabolism.

Only one catch – you need those healthy bacteria!

So get the whole package, Progurt is the only Probiotic with the multiple human strains that will populate your gut from the mouth to the other end.

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