Post: Reflections




You know that feeling when someone opens up their heart to you, when they tell you a story that shows their true essence and touches you deep within.

There are many, many stories that come straight from the heart.  And if you take the time to really focus on what has been said, you’ll discover there are no better life teachings than these.

To be able to express and connect with people, to be involved, this is what it means to be fully present.

I want to talk about the wholeness inside each and every one of us. And share stories of our relationships with each other, the tensions we feel, our misunderstandings, our potential for tenderness and our desire for healing.  These are the subjects closest to my heart.

To embrace this real essence of life, we firstly need to be alone so our eyes are wide open. It’s vital we learn how to be alone and comfortable with ourselves despite the pressure to always be connected in our technologically saturated world.

Unless we know how to be still and go within, endless distractions will stop us from discovering who we really are. The challenge is to see what really matters, to learn what’s truly real.

I’m always encouraging my clients to create some quiet time for themselves.

Silence is precious and getting away from the constant background noise of contemporary life demands effort.  But it’s worth it.  I know I always feel so replenished after I’ve spent some quiet time on my own.

When we’re quiet, we’re able to see life in a different light. We’re less likely to miss those important moments of interaction during our day. Instead we stop, we’re present and we listen when someone shares with us along the way.

Every day presents us with endless opportunities to experience these real moments with others.  In doing so, we engage more with our world and live out our days more fully.