Stimulate Your Child’s Tastebuds

Wondering why junior always opts for oh-so-bland? Or very sweet or very salty? Why does he avoid the subtle or adventurous tastes and textures? Ever think it might be due to your own pregnancy and breastfeeding diet?

Well it certainly seems as if an adventurous palate is established in those early months and years.

I can certainly confirm the benefits of eating nutritious, but most of all, a variety of different foods while breastfeeding.

My boys are well and truly grown into young men, but have always had very adult tastes for food – scorning the standard kids’ fare of chicken nuggets and chips.

David, now 25 has made his career as a chef. He didn’t get his culinary skills from his Mum (I’m a reluctant cook) but I certainly had something to do with developing his palate!

Checking your zinc status (or your child’s when he’s old enough) will provide another clue to a child whose eating habits leave you tearing your hair. Zinc is intimately involved in taste sensation, yet two thirds of Australian children are zinc deficient. To a zinc deficient child (or adult) subtle flavours are like eating cardboard!

More details in The Natural Way to Better Babies.

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