Captured stories

Capturing Stories

There looms ahead of me the shadow of some kind of form, which a bundle of journals might attain to. In the course of time I have learnt what it is one can make of this loose, drifting material of life, finding another use for it than I put to it.

I write because it has always been a passion of mine, my intention around sharing is to be able to help people feel more connected and alive, to inspire to live out one’s own truth in an honest and real manner.

Making the most of the time we have on this earthly planet by focusing on what values are important and gaining clarity in reflection. What sort of work should it become? As I share through these posts I’d hope to find that the collection had sorted itself and refined itself into a mould, transparent enough to reflect the light of my life.

The sight of a blossom tree stirs a wave of senses within me reminiscence of my childhood. We had one next to our property that I always noticed. The aroma of the blossom would fill my senses as a child. I would admire the tree, amazed by its textures, the fragile softness of the perfect flower and how it would sprout so confidently out of such an inflexible, rigid tree. Of late, this imagery of a blossom tree surrounds my everyday life. It pulls me in as though it is trying to talk to me whispering its words of wisdom. I reflect… and stay still for a moment.

No matter how tough life itself is at times, no matter how many times it beats you down, we must stay strong and aware of our inner life.

Cultivate this inner life.
Material possession has no rating over creative flow and the joy this brings.
A life of creativity… allowing ourselves the time to be creative, allowing these gifts in time to bloom, much like the blossom tree a pleasant surprise… a revelation.