Are you looking for a fulfilling and creative outlet?

Do you crave space and time to be free and more yourself?

The Moving Circle is coming to you in 2018!
It’s a nurturing and harmonious community for creative play and creative thinking. It’s an urban retreat and a fun day out all at once.

A human at play is an art form, which transcends reality. We become less in our heads and more centred in our body, reducing stress and enhancing mood, creating a gateway to vitality.

This is my aim for The Moving Circle:
a conscious community
that leads to many creative and movement adventures.

You can’t teach creativity, all you can do is provide a space to let it blossom, and it blossoms in play.

The Moving Circle

At a Moving Circle event you might dance, or sculpt, or meditate, or make art, or climb or… do anything else that makes you come alive.

Each event is curated to invite you back into your body.