The Shifting Earth

The Shifting Earth

The shifting earth summons the rising sun.

The trees know her language well for they are deeply rooted beneath her skin.  Like the ocean’s consciousness is one with the world.

We have forgotten that without the Earth’s divine guidance we have nothing. She is asserting herself just like a parent asserts their child.

Too occupied by the written dollar, greed has set us off on a mouse wheel of consumerism.  We are moving so fast, losing our connection with not only ourselves but those around us. It is time to get back to basics, to come back to self and question our intentions.

Money can not buy the kind of joy and contentment that comes about through feeling connected to our community.

We are all tribes, we know deep inside this “truth” no matter what our ethnic background, career choices, or religion. The challenge for us is to let go  of “judgement” and work together as a community.  For our hearts are all in the right place and that’s all that matters.

We are called to align ourselves as many individuals stand up and assist in this necessary shift. One million Women come together of daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers in Australia. One women’s vision has created a huge gathering of like minded others. Awake and listening to the call to action.

We are sitting in the heart of the home; our decisions have a huge impact on how the dollar is spent.

Through the hands of hope and healing we are the eyes of the world.  Reminded that the head must bow to the heart.

Just like the food we eat that provides us with our nourishment, we too must look at what we are feeding our earth. Mother earth is quivering in discontent hoping that we will awake to this knowing and act upon it. Aligning ourselves as individuals, parents, families,  friends and as a community.

We are the ripples in the ocean, our children need to know the forgotten way.

The pleasure in simplicity, for they are the connected ones. Every child can feel the joy of the earth beneath their feet!

They will learn at speed but it is up to us to re-align ourselves and educate our young.